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qBio is the power of math-based reasoning and advanced instrumentation from physics and engineering harnessed to discover fundamental principles of living systems.

To make biology quantitative and predictive, it is necessary to draw upon a multitude of approaches from the physical sciences and engineering. These include theoretical concepts developed from studies in statistical mechanics and nonlinear dynamics, and experimental methods such as microfluidics and advanced imaging. Therefore the goal of the qBio graduate program is to provide the students with a mastery of both the theoretical knowledge and experimental skills, and guide them to employ both approaches to address fundamental biological problems during their thesis research.

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Graduate students in new quantitative biology doctoral program learn to modify microscopes and other instruments to probe frontiers of their emerging discipline

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From the Hwa Lab: "UC San Diego Physicist Discovers an Equation for the Control of Cell Growth"
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qBio Seminar Speaker Series -

Michael Fischbach from Stanford -

3:00 PM UCSD Natural Sciences Building, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093, USA