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What is Quantitative Biology (qBio)?:

qBio is the power of math-based reasoning and advanced instrumentation from physics and engineering harnessed to discover fundamental principles of living systems.

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Tsimring Group
Investigator: Lev Tsimring
Research Interest: I am interested in theoretical and computational approaches to understanding dynamical properties of biological systems and networks
Web: Tsimring Group
Sen Lab
Investigator: George Sen
Research Interest: We use regenerated human skin to understand the molecular mechanisms of how epidermal stem cells self-renew, differentiate, and when dysregulated lead to tumor initiation.
Web: Sen Lab
Dutton Lab
Investigator: Rachel Dutton
Research Interest: We use cheese as a model system to understand the molecular mechanisms and basic principles of microbial community formation.
Web: Dutton Lab
Chris Pierse
Chris Pierse is a member of the Dudko Lab.

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Willams Lab
Investigator: Ruth Williams
Research Interest: Develops and analyses stochastic models for understanding dynamics, fluctuations and interactions in synthetic genetic circuits.
Web: Willams Lab
Ideker Lab
Investigator: Trey Ideker
Research Interest: Developing an artificially intelligent model of the cell able to translate a patient's data into precision diagnosis and treatment.
Web: Ideker Lab
Jacy Humphries
Jacy Humphries is a member of the Suel Lab.

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Barrett Lab
Investigator: Kim Barrett
Research Interest: We use intestinal organoids to study transport and barrier functions of the gut and how these are modulated by pathogens and inflammation.
Web: Barrett Lab
Zengler Lab
Investigator: Karsten Zengler
Research Interest: Defining the intertwined crosstalk between different community members in the microbiome to understand how complex systems are organized and maintained and to predict how these systems develop and react to changes and targeted interventions.
Web: Zengler Lab
Wang Lab
Investigator: Peter Yingxiao Wang
Research Interest: To employ molecular engineering approaches for the development of biosensors and machinery molecules to visualize and reprogram molecular events in single cells.
Web: Wang Lab
Koslover Lab
Investigator: Elena Koslover
Research Interest: We explore the multi-scale physics of the intracellular world, using analytical and computational models to understand the mechanics and dynamics of components within living cells.
Web: Koslover Lab
Naomi Martineau
Naomi Martineau is a member of the Wollman Lab.

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Vergassola Group
Investigator: Massimo Vergassola
Research Interest: To understand sensing of their environment by living systems, and its exploitation for control and biological function.
Web: Vergassola Group
Villa Lab
Investigator: Elizabeth Villa
Research Interest: To develop tools to observe the structure and interaction partners of macromolecular complexes in their natural environment, the cell.
Web: Villa Lab
Suel Lab
Investigator: Gürol Süel
Research Interest: Our goal is to identify principles of cellular decision making at the single cell level and in the context of structured communities.
Web: Suel Lab
JT Sauls
JT Sauls is a member of the Jun Lab.

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Rangamani Lab
Investigator: Padmini Rangamani
Research Interest: To understand how biomechanics and biochemistry interact to regulate cellular behavior
Web: Rangamani Lab
Super Fly Lab
Investigator: Ethan Bier
Research Interest: Quantitative analysis of establishment and function of morphogen gradients during development.
Web: Super Fly Lab
Rappel Group
Investigator: Wouter Rappel
Research Interest: Our research interests are diverse and include cardiac dynamics, cellular signaling, cell motility, and chemotaxis.
Web: Rappel Group
Dudko Group
Investigator: Olga Dudko
Research Interest: We search for general principles that unify seemingly very different and often formidably complex biological systems. We enjoy trying to capture these principles in the form of physical theories that are reasonably simple and abstract, and yet generate concrete, experimentally testable predictions.
Web: Dudko Group
Groisman Lab
Investigator: Alex Groisman
Research Interest: Development of techniques and materials and building of instruments for biochemistry and cell biology.
Web: Groisman Lab
Zid Lab
Investigator: Brian Zid
Research Interest: Investigate how cells maintain homeostasis in response to environmental perturbations using biochemical techniques combined with next-generation sequencing and quantitative microscopy.
Web: Zid Lab
Hao Group
Investigator: Nan Hao
Research Interest: To obtain a quantitative and predictive understanding about how biological systems operate.
Web: Hao Group
Circadian Biology
Investigator: Susan Golden
Research Interest: To understand the mechanisms by which cells keep 24-h time and temporally regulate cellular processes
Web: Circadian Biology
Meyer Lab
Investigator: Justin Meyer
Research Interest: To uncover the genomic changes necessary to alter viral host-range, and to understand the environmental conditions that permit their evolution.
Web: Meyer Lab
Neurophysics Lab
Investigator: David Kleinfeld
Research Interest: To understand the logic and dynamics of interacting neuronal circuits, with a focus on sensorimotor circuits that underlie orofacial actions in rodents.
Web: Neurophysics Lab
Murre Lab
Investigator: Cornelis Murre
Research Interest: To chart the structure of mammalian genomes and to describe the dynamics of long-range genomic interactions in physical terms.
Web: Murre Lab
OD Lab
Investigator: Arshad Desai
Research Interest: To understand how cells ensure accurate distribution of their duplicated genomes during cell division.
Web: OD Lab
Investigator: Tatyana Sharpee
Research Interest: I am interested in physical principles that shape how our brain works in a natural sensory environment.
Web: BioCircuits
Biodynamics Lab
Investigator: Jeff Hasty
Research Interest: Design and construction of synthetic gene regulatory and signaling networks. Development of technologies for precisely regulating the cellular environment.
Web: Biodynamics Lab
Barrett Lab
Investigator: Kim Barrett
Research Interest: We use intestinal organoids to study transport and barrier functions of the gut and how these are modulated by pathogens and inflammation.
Web: Barrett Lab
Jun Group
Investigator: Suckjoon Jun
Research Interest: To understand the extent to which basic quantitative principles govern the fundamental biological processes during the cell cycle.
Web: Jun Group
Li Lab
Investigator: Bo Li
Research Interest: Develop mathematical theories and computational tools for biomolecular interactions and the dynamics of biological cells.
Web: Li Lab
Kryazhimskiy Lab
Investigator: Sergey Kryazhimskiy
Research Interest: We use experiments in microorganisms and mathematical modeling to understand the general principles of how mutations affect cell physiology and fitness in different environments.
Web: Kryazhimskiy Lab
Cooper Lab
Investigator: Kim Cooper
Research Interest: We use the limb to understand evolution of the musculoskeletal system and the interplay of form and function at the level of tissues, cells, and genetics.
Web: Cooper Lab