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Quantitative Biology Seminar Series

The qBio seminars will be at noon on Mondays. Seminars are currently in-person at NSB 1205, but may occasionally be online given COVID-19 restrictions.

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2021-22 Schedule
Date Speaker Affiliation Title


Host: Terry Hwa


Mattia Serra UC San Diego A Mechanochemical Model for Primitive Streak Formation Recapitulates Distinct Vertebrate Gastrulation Modes


Host: Scott Rifkin


Michael Savageau UC Davis What Can Molecular Mechanisms Tell Us About The Distribution of Mutant Phenotypes and Their Evolution?


10/25/2021 Monthly qBio Student Presentations

Beverly Naigles (Hao Lab)

UCSD Biology Tracking the Dynamics of Immune Responses at a Single-Cell Level

Avaneesh Narla (Hwa Lab)

UCSD Physics How Do Populations Spread?


Hosts: Sahana Kuthyar, Aspen Reese 


Brandon Ogbunu Yale Using Protein Space to Explore Evolvability, Epistasis, and Druggability


Host: Suckjoon Jun


Jade Wang University of Wisconsin-Madison From 1940 to Present: What Bacteria Tell Us About the Mechanisms of Phenotypic and Genotypic Changes
11/22/2021 Monthly qBio Student Presentations Jacob Robertson (Hwa Lab) UCSD Biology Copiotroph’s delight: Growth and Aggregation of Alteromonas sp. 4B03 on Peptides and Amino Acids

Ryan Thiermann (Jun Lab)

UCSD Physics Do Bacterial Cells Allocate Resources to Maximize Growth?


Hosts: Beverly Naigles, Terry Hwa


Amy Schmid Duke University Gene Regulatory Networks Enable Resilience to Extreme Stress


Hosts: Terry Hwa


Robert Signer UC San Diego Hematopoietic Stem Cell Regulation by the Proteostasis Network


Host: Lev Tsimring


Lingchong You Duke University Antibiotic Response and Gene Transfer in Microbial Communities


Host: Sergey Kryazhimskiy


Kerry Geiler-Samerotte Arizona State University The Genotype - Phenotype - Phenotype - Phenotype Map


Host: Terry Hwa


Seppe Kuehn  University of Chicago The Structure-Function Problem in Microbial Communities


Host: Todd Chou


Dr. Markita del Carpio Landry UC Berkeley Nanomaterials Enable Delivery of Genetic Material Without Transgene Integration in Mature Plants


Host: Terry Hwa

Johannes Schoeneberg UC San Diego 4D Cell Biology: Adaptive Optics Lattice Light-Sheet Imaging and AI-Powered Big Data Processing of Live Stem Cell-Derived Organoids

04/11/2022 qBio Monthly Student Presentations

Tim Tyree (Rappel Lab) UC San Diego Cross-Modal Decoding of Individual Identity in the Primate Hippocampus
Shayna Holness (Hasty Lab) UC San Diego Protein Aggregation in the Context of Yeast Aging


Hosts: Livia Songster, Sam Reck-Peterson


Prachee Avasthi Dartmouth College

Mechanisms of Membrane Reorganization During Early Ciliary Growth 


Host: Beverly Naigles

Rosie Alegado University of Hawaii - Manoa Resistance and Resilience Patterns of Subtropical Island Estuarine Microbial Assemblages in Response to Seasonal Forcing 


Host: Gurol Suel


Ido Golding University of Illinois-Urbana - Champaign Viral Decision Making: Some Recent Findings and Ongoing Work

05/23/2022 qBio Monthly Student Presentations

Saransh Umale (Jun Lab) UC San Diego TBA
Gabriel Manzanarez (Hwa Lab) UC San Diego TBA

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Seminar archive


2020-21 Schedule
Date Speaker Affiliation Title



Kim Cooper UC San Diego

How (and why) the jerboa got its long feet



Michael Desai Harvard University Barcoded bulk QTL mapping in budding yeast

11/02/2020 Monthly qBio Student Presentations



Alex Harvey    (Zid Lab)

UCSD Chem/Biochem

Translation Elongation Control During Stress in Yeast

Kaito Kakuchi (Suel Lab)

UCSD Biology

An Integrate-and-Fire Mechanism Drives Germination of Bacterial Spores

Fred Zhou (Sharpee Lab)

UCSD Biology

Hyperbolic Geometry of Olfactory Space

11/16/2020 (recording) Gaudenz Danuser
UT Southwestern Cell morphological control of oncogenic signals
11/23/2020 Vadim Gladyshev Harvard Medical School Quantifying and manipulating the aging process


Monthly qBio Student Presentations


Vinson Lam (Villa Lab)
UCSD Biology Circadian Chromosome Compaction in Cyanobacteria

Julie Roberts (Hao Lab)

UCSD Biology Sir2 Regulates Proteostasis During Aging

Nathan Palmer (Mali Lab) 

UCSD Biology Immune-Orthogonal AAV/Cas9 Combinations Circumvent the Immune Response to Gene Therapy
12/7/2020 Ming Chen Hammond University of Utah Discovering signaling enzymes through in vivo biochemistry experiments



Christine Jacobs-Wagner Stanford University Cell Size and Chromosome Folding: From Scaling Laws to Cellular Physicochemical Properties



Steph Weber McGill University No membrane, No problem: Condensing Bacterial Organelles
2/1/2021 Monthly qBio Student Presentations (recording)
Bijie Ren (Mayfield Lab) UCSD Biology Metabolic-Protein Secretion Modeling for Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii
Marco Man-Ho Tang (Rappel Lab) UCSD Physics Cellular Memory in Eukaryotic Chemotaxis Depends on the Background Chemoattractant Concentration
Anamika Agrawal (Koslover Lab)
UCSD Physics Optimizing Mitochondrial Maintenance in Neurons



Hunter Fraser Stanford University Using Hybrids to Explore the Evolution of Complex Traits

3/1/2021 Monthly qBio Student Presentations


Tapan Goel (Shoetz-Collins Lab) UCSD Physics Non-Linear Elastodynamics of Hydra Mouth Opening
Matt Croxford (Villa Lab) UCSD Biology Compensating for Missing Wedge Artifacts in Cryo-Electron Tomography with Deconvolution
Chao Shi (Chao Lab) UCSD Biology Distribution of Gene Products in Bacteria Aging Landscape



Rachel Green Johns Hopkins University Ribosome Collisions Drive Cell Fate Decisions



Trent Northen Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Deconstructing the Role of Exudate Chemistry in Selecting Beneficial Rhizosphere Microbes

4/12/2021 Monthly qBio Student Presentations


Huan-Yu Kuo (Kryzashimskiy Lab)
UCSD Physics Laboratory Experiment to Measure Random Mutations in Adaptive Evolution
Aravind Karanam (Rappel Lab) UCSD Physics Improved Chemotaxis through Repeated Stimulation



James O'Dwyer University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Resource Exchange, Stability and Coarse-Graining



Corina Tarnita Princeton University Self-organization and robustness in biological systems

5/10/2021 Monthly qBio Student Presentations


Ghita Guessous (Hwa Lab)
UCSD Physics Chitin Degradation by Vibrio sp. 1A01
Jessica Bloom (Rifkin Lab) UCSD Biology Developmental System Drift in Caenorhabditis Nematodes and their Hybrids
5/17/2021 Allyson Sgro Boston University Connecting Intracellular Signaling Dynamics to Multicellular Decision Making



Dianne Newman Caltech Context Matters: Agathokakological Roles for Redox-Active "Antibiotics"


2019-20 Schedule 
Date Speaker Affiliation Title


Elena Koslover UC San Diego Navigating the maze: intracellular transport through organelle interactions and networks
10/21/2019 Arun Raj University of Pennsylvania Single cell analysis of therapy resistance in cancer
11/4/2019 Jian Liu
Johns Hopkins University Dividing up the genome: Do bacteria use a phase transition?
11/18/2019 Fitnat Yildiz UC Santa Cruz Mechanisms and Consequences of Biofilm Formation
12/2/2019 Vernita Gordon University of Texas, Austin Bacterial Mechanosensing: the Force will be with you, always
1/13/2020 Ethan Garner Harvard University How bacteria grow in defined rod shapes and control their rate of growth.
1/27/2020 Karmella Haynes Emory University Chromatin epigenetic engineering: combining synthetic biology with molecular bioinformatics.
2/10/2020 Rebecca Heald UC Berkeley Fun experiments you can only do with frogs
2/24/2020 Dan Fletcher UC Berkeley TBD
3/9/2020 Mike Rust University of Chicago Bayesian Modeling of the Cyanobacterial Clock
4/6/2020 Christine Jacobs-Wagner Stanford University Postponed due to COVID-19
5/4/2020 Michael Desai Harvard University Postponed due to COVID-19
5/18/2020 Corina Tarnita Princeton University Postponed due to COVID-19
6/1/2020 Rachel Green Johns Hopkins University Postponed due to COVID-19


2018-19 Schedule
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
11/5/2018 Jianzhi Zhang University of Michigan Multi-environment fitness landscapes of a tRNA gene
11/26/2018 Diana Bautista UC Berkeley Itchy and scratchy: molecular mechanism of itch and pain
12/3/2018 Jeff Hasty UC San Diego Engineered gene circuits: From clocks to synchronized delivery
1/15/2019 Ning Jenny Jiang University of Texas, Austin High-throughput T cell repertoire profiling enabled systems immunology and immune engineering


Elaine Hsiao UCLA Host-microbiome interactions through the serotonergic system
2/25/2019 Michael Fischbach Stanford University Small molecules from the human microbiota
3/11/2019 Sean Brady Rockefeller University Watch your step, there is new chemistry everywhere
4/8/2019 Chunhui Chris Xu Cornell University Pushing the boundaries of multiphoton brain imaging
4/22/2019 Angela DePace Harvard University Precision and plasticity in animal transcription
5/6/2019 Sriram Kosuri UCLA Combining DNA synthesis, multiplexed reporters, and genome engineering to better understand human gene regulation and protein function
5/20/2019 Oleg Igoshin Rice University Pattern formation and multicellular self-organization behaviors in myxobacteria biofilms
6/3/2019 Brian Zid UC San Diego Factors impacting the localization and translation of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial mRNAs