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Quantitative Biology Seminar Series

The Quantitative Biology seminar is at 3:00 PM every other Monday in the Natural Sciences Building 1205/Auditorium (map), unless otherwise noted.

Due to current health concerns the 2020 qBio Spring Seminars are postponed until further notice.

2018-2019 Seminars
Date Speaker Affiliation Title


Elena Koslover UC San Diego Navigating the maze: intracellular transport through organelle interactions and networks
10/21/2019 Arun Raj University of Pennsylvania Single cell analysis of therapy resistance in cancer
11/4/2019 Jian Liu
Johns Hopkins University Dividing up the genome: Do bacteria use a phase transition?
11/18/2019 Fitnat Yildiz UC Santa Cruz Mechanisms and Consequences of Biofilm Formation
12/2/2019 Vernita Gordon University of Texas, Austin Bacterial Mechanosensing: the Force will be with you, always
1/13/2020 Ethan Garner Harvard University How bacteria grow in defined rod shapes and control their rate of growth.
1/27/2020 Karmella Haynes Emory University Chromatin epigenetic engineering: combining synthetic biology with molecular bioinformatics.
2/10/2020 Rebecca Heald UC Berkeley Fun experiments you can only do with frogs
2/24/2020 Dan Fletcher UC Berkeley TBD
3/9/2020 Mike Rust University of Chicago Bayesian Modeling of the Cyanobacterial Clock
4/6/2020 Christine Jacobs-Wagner Stanford University Postponed
4/20/2020 TBD TBD
5/4/2020 Michael Desai Harvard University Postponed
5/18/2020 Corina Tarnita Princeton University Postponed
6/1/2020 Rachel Green Johns Hopkins University Postponed

Seminar archive


2019-2020 Seminars
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
11/5/2018 Jianzhi Zhang University of Michigan Multi-environment fitness landscapes of a tRNA gene
11/26/2018 Diana Bautista UC Berkeley Itchy and scratchy: molecular mechanism of itch and pain
12/3/2018 Jeff Hasty UC San Diego Engineered gene circuits: From clocks to synchronized delivery
1/15/2019 Ning Jenny Jiang University of Texas, Austin High-throughput T cell repertoire profiling enabled systems immunology and immune engineering


Elaine Hsiao UCLA Host-microbiome interactions through the serotonergic system
2/25/2019 Michael Fischbach Stanford University Small molecules from the human microbiota
3/11/2019 Sean Brady Rockefeller University Watch your step, there is new chemistry everywhere
4/8/2019 Chunhui Chris Xu Cornell University Pushing the boundaries of multiphoton brain imaging
4/22/2019 Angela DePace Harvard University Precision and plasticity in animal transcription
5/6/2019 Sriram Kosuri UCLA Combining DNA synthesis, multiplexed reporters, and genome engineering to better understand human gene regulation and protein function
5/20/2019 Oleg Igoshin Rice University Pattern formation and multicellular self-organization behaviors in myxobacteria biofilms
6/3/2019 Brian Zid UC San Diego Factors impacting the localization and translation of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial mRNAs